The Limitless Performance Centre Story

Limitless Performance Centre, is a beacon of resilience and determination in the fitness landscape of West End, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. More than just a 24-hour gym, LPC offers personalised fitness programs, personalised coaching, small group private training, and athlete development services. Despite facing significant challenges, including a natural disaster that submerged the facility under 1.5 meters of water, LPC has emerged stronger, continuing to serve its community with exceptional fitness services. Today, LPC stands as a symbol of overcoming adversity, embodying the limitless potential that lies within us all.

Luke Everett, the founder of Limitless Performance Centre, is a testament to unwavering passion and dedication. Embarking on an ambitious project in October 2021, Luke built the gym from the ground up in just seven weeks, revolutionizing the fitness scene in Brisbane. His commitment to performance and evidence-based training has made LPC a go-to destination for specialised fitness and athletic development. Even when faced with a natural disaster, Luke’s resilience shone through as he led his team in restoring the facility, ensuring LPC could continue to serve its community. His journey serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that with determination and hard work, any obstacle can be overcome.

Our founder

Luke Everett

Luke is a former member of the Australian Army who served in Special Operations and went on multiple deployments over his 14 year career. After struggling with depression and PTSD, Luke found his passion in extreme sports and sought to heal and extend his physical capabilities through studying with The Ready State, CrossFit, and the Australian Institute of Fitness. As an active and engaged coach, Luke focuses on educating clients to reach their peak potential and develop their physicality to their best functional capacity, regardless of age.

Luke’s unique coaching style connects the mental game with the physical strain, knowing that believing in oneself and your ability is half the battle. With a broad knowledge base and dedication to his clients, Luke is committed to helping individuals reach their fitness goals and live their lives without limits.

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